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SalesFounders is a weekly podcast that focuses on sales growth and strategy for startups. We interview VC’s, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to discuss the strategies that will help founders bridge the sales gap and accelerate their most profitable channels of growth.
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SalesFounders - Startup Sales Growth | Venture Capital | Crowdfunding | Sales Strategy |


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Sep 26, 2017

Following a lucrative exit from the sale of his first company, Shane Cox let it all ride on his second venture that quickly became an unscalable and capital exhaustive business that bled him dry. After liquidated all of his assets, and selling the last of his prized possessions, Shane doubled-down on the one promising component of his solution - the QBall - a microphone imbedded into a dodge-ball. Over the course of the next two years, Shane scraped by, often sleeping in his car to afford any event that would allow him to pitch his product. In time, the product gained traction and on his third attempt, Shane was invited onto the set of Shark Tank. 

This Sunday, October 1st, Shane's moment in the tank will be featured on the season premier. On this week's episode of SalesFounders, we explore the business Shane has built and his rollercoaster ride of validation and traction that has led him to one of the most coveted entrepreneurial stages.  

Sep 19, 2017

More than a third of the US workforce is comprised of freelancers. Freelancing has become a trillion dollar industry that can be challenging for founders to navigate. With so many experts to choose from, it can be hard to know what to look for, and how to integrate hired talent into your organization.

My guest this week is Connor Gillivan. After selling more than $25 million on Amazon from his dorm room, Connor went on to create, a freelancer marketplace that connects businesses with the top 1% of freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, virtual assistance, and web development. Not only has Connor leveraged freelancers to build his Amazon business, but he has also built FreeeUp into a multi-million dollar business using...well...freelancers. Connor joins us this week to talk about this booming industry, the challenges he has faced in his journey, and why freelancers might be the perfect solution for your startup.

Sep 12, 2017

Every entrepreneur needs an occasional moment of honest, personal reflection. How are things really going, and to what extent you are aligning with the needs of your business? The tendency for most founders is to add more process and clutter when they should be finding ways to simplify. 

Meet Steve Krebs; the accountability coach. His mission is to rescue entrepreneurs from the process holes and bottlenecks, cut through the BS, and establish some accountability to systems that generate growth. This is an episode unlike any we've done. Join us for a blunt, no holds barred assault on mediocrity, fear, and the limiting beliefs that are robbing your business. 


  • The biggest personal challenges that prevent entrepreneurs from finding success?
  • Protection, Projection, Posturing and Punishing - How to break out of the unworthiness cycle 
  • Two questions to embrace vulnerability and identify exactly what is holding you back
  • Why vulnerability as an entrepreneur will actually help you succeed
  • How to develop your weaknesses into strengths
  • Living with Purpose and why your purpose can change throughout your life 
  • The power of meditation - taking time each to day to reconnect with yourself
  • Keeping it simple - focusing on base hits, not home runs
  • The power of being consistent and persistent
  • Exploring the coaching business - how to find and convert clients 
  • Framing the deal to allow your customers to qualify to work with you
Sep 5, 2017

Burnout can be a major problem for entrepreneurs . In spite of a seemingly limitless supply of automation tools, entrepreneurs still over-extend themselves to the point of exhaustion. Every entrepreneur needs help, and specifically, the right help. Meet Nicole Wipp - entrepreneur and small business consultant whose speciality is helping entrepreneurs create powerful teams. Leadership requires a very different mindset than entrepreneurship and on this episode, Nicole shares 5 strategies that will help you develop and lead a world-class organization. There's a good chance your next hire is the not the right hire.


  • Why the majority of entrepreneurs burn-out before they find success
  • The power of "letting go" to realize sustainable growth
  • Why entrepreneurship and leadership can create conflict with each other
  • Self awareness and the importance of knowing your strengths
  • Developing your own hiring plan that complements your weaknesses.
  • How to find the best people for your business and reduce turnover
  • The secret to employee engagement - a little trick that goes a long way
  • The challenges with virtual teams
  • 4 Resources to help build your team